Mastering and Mixing music with the perfect smooth




We are a professional high end mastering house with the best equipment avalible. The highes level result at an affordable rate makes us unbeatable on the market. We have offered music mastering service since 2003 and master a large quantity of songs every year for CD, downloading, radio, film and video games.

As we use both top of the line Digital mastering plug-in and state of the art Analog gear we bring the best out of the sound and accomplish an astonishing Master.


Separation Master / STEM Mastering

If you are looking at more depth, higher dynamic and more width but at the same time larger punch, You have found it in OUR separation mastering or STEM / sub-group mastering. Read more about this process following this link: MASTERING


Mastering Samples

Contact us for litening samples of our work. We have mastered alot of different music styles and can send you a great variety.

Mastering pricing

30 jan 2015

Mastering pricing discount in february 33 % OFF!

Best Free EQ Audio Plugins 2014 for Music Mixing & Mastering

24 nov 2014

Here's a great tip for an Mastering EQ to use FREE    Best Free EQ Audio Plugins 2014 for Music Mixing & Mastering

Mastering engineer

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